Five scenes from ‘The Matrix’ recreated in Oculus tech demo ‘The Matrix VR’

When asked about favorite movies  a lot of people will drop The Matrix on you. When The Wachowski siblings introduced us to Neo, Trinity, Morpheus and the idea of a virtual world, it was executed mind blowingly good. Most people cannot favor ‘The Matrix Reloaded’ or ‘The Matrix Revolutions’, but everybody has to give it up for the revolutionary special effects of John Gaeta. But fortunately ‘The Matrix VR’ does not concern itself with scenes fron the misguided follow ups. You can relive some of the most iconic scenes from the first movie in Virtual Reality. If you ever dreamed of dodging the agent’s bullets as Neo did, now is your chance.

Put yourself into the shoes of Neo

Since The Matrix VR’ is based on the ‘The Matrix’, you will not get to fly as Neo. Therefor you will be putting on his training shoes, as he is introduced to the the sad truth about humanity’s slavery. Morpheus is showing Neo what the real world looks like today and thus introduces him to the endless possibilities the Matrix has to offer.  As Neo is on the path to being the One, the tech demo ‘The Matrix VR’ introduces players to the idea of Virtual Reality. That is a most welcome trick to familiarize yourself with a new technology. As Neo dives into the Matrix, we dive into our personal Virtual Reality.


Dodge these flying bullets yourself, by leaning around in realtime.

Five famous movie scenes playable from ‘The Matrix’

There are five different scene you can choose from in ‘The Matrix VR': Morpheus shows Neo the dark skies; Neo is trying out the jump program; Neo dodges bullets on the rooftop; Neo stops the bullets from reaching him, as he turns out to be the One; place yourself within the Matrix code of the intro. All these scene from ‘The Matrix’ are iconic moments from a cult classic. Most of the scenes allow for a light interaction. When you put your Oculus on to relive the dodging scene, it is really you, who is dodging the bullets, thanks to the flawless head tracking provided by the Oculus Development Kit 2 camera. When you stop the bullets altogether at the end of the first movie, you just look at them with the virtual Neo stretching out his hand. You can try to make the jump in the jump program by running and jumping manually, but you probably still won’t make it to the end. All five scene use original voice samples and character models form The Matrix to make the experience feel closer to the source material.

Download ‘The Matrix VR’ from the official Oculus VR Share page: The Matrix VR


The Matrix VR recreates the most famous scenes from the first movie.

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