Oculus VR should equip every head set with a Leap Motion

A few year’s back Leap Motion was setting out to be the first realtime hand tracking device. Leap Motion is scanning your fingers in the air, not screen or controller is needed at all. The Leap Motion itself is a very small device, but there hasn’t been any application, which could put the genius technology into good use. That is until someone taped it to the Oculus DK 2 and wrote some line of codes. The result is a Leap Motion/ Oculus tech demo, which shows the amazing tracking capabilities of Leap Motion brought into the Virtual Reality world of Oculus. By now you can order an official mount kit for the Leap Motion. You can find more information on Leap Motion’s official site.

Do we still need motion controllers?

If 3D motion tracking devices like the Leap Motion are already doing such a nice job, syncing our movements onto the screen, do we still need traditional controllers? If you are looking at this awesome videos of Youtuber Goldfish, the Razer Hydra motion controller is probably the best thing to happen to Virtual Reality Gaming. If you want to play traditional games in Virtual Spaces, you will still need buttons. So classic controllers with motion tracking are probably the way to go. Palmer Luckey, founder of Oculus was recently hinting at an input device they are working on, but would not specify. While Sony will most likely stick to the PlayStation Move controllers, Oculus VR has yet to announce the official solution. Leap Motion definitely seems like a very solid solution to me, as long as we are not playing some kind of shooter. Sign me up for a Leap Motion/ Oculus combo, if it is just about traveling/ education, chatting or 3D puzzle games.

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