Add the motion controllers¬†‘Razer Hyadra’ to your shopping list

Playing ‘Half-Life 2 VR’ is one of the first things Oculus Rift owners probably do, when setting up the device. Valve is pioneering First Person Shooters again, by simply porting the most successful title to Oculus Rift. The whole game is playable and apparently works really good with the Oculus Rift. But what makes the experience even better is the usage of some motion controllers. Up until now Oculus has not announced any kind of controller for the Oculus Rift, so people are looking the other hardware manufacturers.

How does the ‘Razer Hydra’ Motion Controller work?

Youtuber Goldfish has purchased the ‘Razer Hydra‘ (Amazon Link) Motion Controller, which is equipped with some motion sensors itself. Imagine having two¬†Nintendo WiiMotes in each of your hands: your real life movements are matched in game with your character’s arm moving just accordingly. This makes for an even more immersive experience. But look for yourself: Goldfish seems to be enjoying the ‘HalLife 2 VR’ Training Mode quite a lot. The weapons’ alignment is in sync with the controller’s movement all the time. Goldfish tries the Razer Hydra controllers with all kinds of equipment like grenades, the crossbow and many others. Below you can see the set up being used to play through the game. Especially reloading seems to be an unexpected source of joy.