PlayStation VR is the official name of Sony’s Virtual Reality gear. Sony Computer Entertainment Japan (SCEJA) announced the official name for Morpheus on stage at a Press Conference in Tokyo in September 2015 at the Tokyo Games Show 2015. Watch below:

Morpheus re-named ‘PlayStation VR’

Let me say that it was always a bit odd to call a Virtual Reality head mounted display ‘Morpheus’. I have always thought that it was a nice hattip to The Matrix, but I could not imagine, that the name would be final. Now that we have official confirmation, we can file the name Morpheus for Sony’s VR experience a working title. PlayStation VR seems unnecessary blunt, but definitely removes all doubt what Sony is selling. PlayStation VR is also a very strong statement: Nothing gets into the PlayStation brand family without a considerable amount of investment and trust. But can Sony also back up this technology with games/ software?

PlayStation VR: Strong name, big expectations

PlayStation is much more than just a console. The brand is a promise. The name ‘PlayStation’ is trusted world wide. With the streaming service PlayStation Now, the mobile flop PlayStation Portable, the (undoubtably strong) PlayStation Vita and PlayStation TV, PlayStation VR is the next thing being welcomed by fans as a part of the PlayStation family. But what is more important: Sony is giving their Virtual Reality hardware a fair chance to get the attention to get noticed 2016. Although their are quite a few PlayStation products that failed being successful, the name still beams with confidence.  Sony has prepared a whole lot of games for 2016 that are either exclusive or optimized for PlayStation VR. As a matter of fact neither Facebook, nor Valve have ramped auch a high number of Virtual Reality games. As of now Sony seems to be the most aggressive and reliable partner for a Virtual Realtiy gaming.

Virtual Reality for Xbox One: HoloLens or Oculus Rift?

The PlayStation 4 sets all kinds of records as it leaves the Xbox One and Wii U very far behind. Some (timed) exclusives like Halo and Tomb Raider: Rise of the Tomb Raider will not save Microsoft from falling from grace. After the Kinect disaster, Microsoft uses the technology in the Augmented Reality head mounted see through display ‘HoloLens’. Thanks to investing in Facebook (owners of Oculus), Microsoft is going to push very hard to make Oculus (Rift) to be the Virtual Reality hardware you want to buy for your Xbox One in 2016. Microsoft even goes so far to put an Xbox One Controller into every Oculus retailer package shipped out in 2016.




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